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Crafts products
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Crafts products

A holiday in Côtes d'Armor is also a chance to encounter and enjoy the skills of a wide range of craftspeople, their work and their passion. During your visits, you will be able to treat yourself or find some local holiday gifts.

In Erquy and Pléneuf Val André, take the time to meet the artists in their workshops, such as Roselyne Benoit's pottery works, the André Franck Hébert Gallery or Francine Tradivon's glassblowing workshop in Erquy. L'Atelier des Cyprès is an art gallery in Erquy.

If you go further afield...

The Savonnerie d'Armor organises open days where you can find out how soap emerges from a production line. The soap factory will definitely arouse your curiosity with its seaweed soap, scallop soap, Brittany honey soap or the caramel and shea butter soap. You will be amazed by the delicate fragrances!

In Pays de Corlay, the Garenne Morvan farm introduces visitors to the work of Angora goat farmers. Take a guided tour to share their passion for their work. Angora goats produce mohair. The steps followed by this natural fibre leading up to woven fabrics and woollens will all be revealed. Mohair is warm and soft, with a wide range of uses and a characteristic sheen. You will be delighted and your loved ones enchanted by a mohair gift.

Why not stop off at the Poterie du Hameau de Kerianegan pottery workshop in Pleumeur-Bodou? You will see manual, technical and creative skills at work.

In Quintin, a visit for all the senses awaits you. At La Fabrique, they weave blue gold! Come and see the flax, weaving process and plant fibres... How linen is made, from the seed to the fabric!

In Saint-Méloir-des-Ondes, see glassblowers at work: Martine Durand Gasselin, a professional craftswoman, creates and manufactures wine glasses and Champagne glasses in dazzling colours...

Côtes d'Armor is teeming with things to see and enjoy. During your visits and encounters, your holiday will be a chance to recharge your batteries and savour the present moment, to be enchanted and to forget the everyday world...