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Noix de Saint-Jacques et gastronomie de Bretagne
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Local specialities

Looking for new discoveries? Brittany is a treat for the eyes. You will be bowled over by the beauty and variety of the landscapes. Brittany is also a chance to savour some good food and to discover and enjoy local skills.

Brittany specialities, Brittany recipes...

Breton gastronomy is always a treat with specialities from the land or the sea. The region provides a wide range of savours that are only asking to be tried. As you visit your holiday region, you will find some real treats for the taste buds.

Arts and crafts in Côtes d'Armor

Visiting Côtes d'Armor and the Brittany region is also a chance to explore local skills and to go behind the scenes in arts and crafts companies. You can make the most of your holiday to discover the techniques of yesterday and today, arts and crafts, and the produce of the land and sea.