Littoral des Côtes d'Armor
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Côtes d'Armor

The Saint Pabu Plage campsite is located in the hollow of the St Pabu valley in the commune of Erquy and the commune of Pléneuf Val André. The department of the Côtes d'Armor is oriented towards the sea. It is located in Northern Brittany. It is known for its exceptional natural sites.

From the pink granite coast to the emerald coast via the spectacular capes of Erquy and Cap Fréhel, the Côtes d'Armor offers one of the most beautiful views in Brittany. On its wild coastline, the gentle way of life is palpable, whether on the island of flowers, Bréhat, or along the corniche at Pléneuf Val André.

Here, history is everywhere, with a hundred or so megalithic sites dotted around the department. The richness of its heritage is also reflected in the preservation of its listed towns and villages (Moncontour or Jugons les lacs...). The ports have also benefited from this rich history, such as St Brieuc and Erquy. The latter is the famous "Gallic village" of Asterix and Obelix and is known as the capital of the scallop. In short, the Côtes d'Armor is a corner of paradise, where you will spend a superb holiday.