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Do you know all the dishes made from seafood? In Brittany, you can enjoy specialities of exceptional quality.

Erquy, the scallop capital, also provides a range of different treats from oyster farming and bouchot mussel farming.

Fishing is also omnipresent, both for shellfish (lobster, crab, etc.) and for wild-caught fish (European bass, etc.). Erquy is the 4th biggest fishing port in France. You can experience the fish market on Wednesdays and Fridays. But don't forget to book since the visit is very popular. Professional fishermen will help you share the fruit of their work.

To round off your knowledge before the tasting, enjoy a real seafood experience!

In Erquy, the oyster farmer, Nicolas Nonnet, raises "exceptional oysters". He tells their story in a film. You will love tasting his oysters, which have won a host of awards. Many shellfish farmers will introduce you to their treasures. They often produce mussels and cupped oysters, such as Les Merveilles du Cap in Plévenon or Alain Audineau in Fréhel.

Near Pléneuf Val André, in Planguenoual, Le Panier Iodé is an opportunity to see the work of the mussel farmer (visit lasting 2 hrs 30 mins for all the family) or just to taste some seafood (oysters, clams, whelks) in a charming setting at the seaside. A spot not to be missed for all fans of seafood.

Cotriade stew, oysters, scallops, lobster, European bass, seafood platter, Norway lobster, Bouchot mussels, seaweed... The sea has so much in store...